“Good Morning” Bell Rang

“Good Morning” Bell Rang
Ringing was passing
Through my ear-drum
When I was entangled
in a small room
My napkin was full of tears
My respected teachers came
Stick in one hand
Book in other hand
It was raining ...
“Namasthey, Namasthey…”
There supplied-
the breast milk of knowledge
All students were imbibing it
Marketing of informations…
Sound of raging,
Which always set in-
suspension or dismissing,
Minimum is getting “A get out”
Corpses are hanging in the- hooks
Where the bell had been hung
Once upon a time
There were teachers of honey
Students like honey bees
Erwhile teachers of blood
Students like demons
Peon beats the bell of death
Full of officialism
No realism
Now we are being remained

Rashid. VPP

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