The Hanging Sword of Damocles over the Democracy

The Hanging Sword of
Damocles over the Democracy

As a traditional country India has the priority in its flourished democratic history. It is existing  in the holy theory of “unity in diversity “ as a garden with harmony of its veriety flowers India has been keeping this identity over decades.
Now is the time of so many aggressive Damocles swords are hanging over the nation’s democratic purity and leading the nation from the valley of amity to  dull of evils. India faces so many problems like starvation, epidemics, high rate of infant mortality and other economical problems. But the communal unease is the most relevant issue in our country. The communal riots and violences are causing to  exhaust the country  day by day by the immaturity of the political and religious parties.
Communal violence has increased as  huge question marks against the well-being of the nation and it has received the harmful methods. it’s consequential atrocities have increased violating all rules and regulations of our country.

The political voilances are new face of communal unease. The miss leading leadership and uneducated extremist members in the role of masters are only one reason behind the relevant political stringency .
The brutal murder of eminent leader Tp Chandra Shekaran is the latest reality of  brutality of political partition. He was a well known leader of Marxist party   but by becoming a dessident of   the party he hatched to death by the party goons . The bloodshed historical calendar of communist party shows its real anti communal agenda by forming parallel countries in the name of party villages with self constitutions  by consents of parity’s great comrades.
Like  Tp murder there are so many  assassinations conducted by the malicious plan of the party. In Kannur     there are so many party villages existing still now and there the people are controlled by party and the party courts . The brutal death of a muslim league activist was a real dreadful view of such party villages .The unquestioned political leaders and the unashamed members in the role of masters and what the party says that is the law ,what they want to do that is the justice this is the mean situation in all party villages.  

Shabeer. T

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