Stain to Indian judiciary

Stain to Indian judiciary

        It is shame to India to initiate an year putting a fine point on its judiciary; from the first Delhi-rape case to the last Afsal Guru’s execution India has illustrates itself as incapable of introducing cute actions. Even such a brutal harassment was witnessed by the capital city, judiciary couldn’t put even a temporary full-stop to it as it was later reported a rape series in Delhi itself. Now Afsal Guru case is firing the public talks.
       An execution after six years imprisonment along with unrevealing the commencement even to his family is totally an undignified and unadoptable to such a great judicial system. Is it necessary a six- year duration for Indian presidency to finalize a matter? Or whether the Indian constitution is great or the ever changing political powers?
     Adding fuel to fire, it is the truth that there are many other death row culprits till waiting the equal fate, being sentenced to unlimited bondage and are not spoken about yet now. As a result, being of a prominent constitution, Indians get lost their confidence in it.

Muhammad sha

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